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Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE) was founded in 1949. Today, CUFE is located on a main campus in the heart of Beijing, and confers over 3,000 degrees each year.

CUFE offers one of the broadest selections of academic choice in China, offering more than 1,000 classes in 100 undergraduate,graduate and PhD programs. With 24 schools, over 30 research institutions, and a student population of above 15,000 drawn from all over China and more than 20 foreign countries, CUFE ranks among China's leaders.

60,000 alumni and a growing group of friends act as ambassadors and advocates for CUFE and demonstrate support for the university through volunteer involvement and financial contributions. CUFE alumni are well established in every corner of China, continuing to build the reputation that makes CUFE a great national and international institution of excellence.

At CUFE, you could finger out a unique interactive and collaborative environment with diverse, challenging academic programs and career-oriented learning opportunities. There are numerous student societies and activities to satisfy any student’s desire to meet peers who share their interests, or explore completely new ones. Add to that the rich cultural and social context of Beijing, Northern China, and you have a wonderful setting for learning, discovery, and personal development.

Above all, CUFE strives to deliver opportunities that inspire, and we seek to attract international students who share that desire, I invite you to browse our Web site or contact us for more information in studying at CUFE. Thank you!


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