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2022 International Student Admission – Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: I have already submitted online application, do I need to mail the hard copies?

A: No. Due to the influence of covid-19, all applications are processed online. You do not need to mail hard copies.


Q2: Do I have to submit Foreigner Physical Examination Form?

A: Yes. If you are unable to do the physical examination due to covid-19 lockdowns, please upload a statement explaining the situation. Foreigner Physical Examination Form can be found at


Q3: How can I pay for the application fee?

Application fee can be paid using wechat, alipay, or foreign credit cards. You will be directed to pay for the application fee once your application is submitted. A step-by-step guide can be found at


Q4: Do I need to take an entrance exam?

A: Applicants who have passed document review will be invited to an online interview. For graduate applicants, there are two rounds of document review: initial document review and academic document review.


Q5: My native language is English, and I am applying for a program offered in English, do I need to take standardized English proficiency tests?

A: No. You can upload a signed letter of explanation.


Q6: I completed my previous stage of study in English, and I am applying for a program offered in English, do I need to take standardized English proficiency tests?

A: It is not mandatory for you to take a standardized English proficiency test. You can upload a signed letter of explanation. Meanwhile, your English proficiency will be evaluated based on your written materials and your online interview performance.


Q7: Do I need an acceptance letter?

A: No. Admission decisions are made by admissions committees, not by individual professors. For type A CSC scholarship applicants, a pre-admission letter may increase your opportunity of receiving the scholarship.


Q8: I am applying for Type A CSC scholarship, how can I obtain a pre-admission letter?

A: CUFE issues pre-admission letters for qualified Type A CSC scholarship applicants in the hope of increasing their chances of receiving the scholarship. Please send all of your application documents to for further review.


Q9: I am in my last year of study, can I apply now without my diploma?

A: You can provide a certificate stating your student status, major, and expected graduation date, etc. Please note that your final admission is contingent upon providing diploma and full transcript before registration.


Q10: Do you have programs starting in March?

A: CUFE does not accept degree students starting in spring semester. Only non-degree students are accepted in March.


Q11: I am applying for CSC scholarship-University Program, do I need to pay the application fee?

A: Yes, CSC applicants need to pay application fee as well.


If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to send your inquiries to