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Notice on the 2023 Application for Extension of Scholarship for CSC PhD Students

Release time:2023-04-18 Source: hits:

To all CSC PhD students who need to apply for scholarship extension:

According to the relevant notice and regulations, the university is now conducting the 2023 application for extension of scholarship for CSC PhD Students. The relevant information is hereby notified as follows:

I. Who can apply for scholarship extension?

1. Applicants must first go through the procedures for graduation extension at Central University of Finance and Economics;

2. The applicant has a serious learning attitude and good performance;

3. The applicant is not included in the 2023/2024 scholarship program by the sending country;

4. The applicant has passed the annual scholarship review;

5. Applicants must pass the training requirements stipulated by the Central University of Finance and Economics, such as the comprehensive subject examination, all the annual paper defenses, and proposal defense;

6. The scholarship period can be extended for a maximum of one year.

II. Steps:

Log in to the Chinese Government Scholarship Information System (, fill in and submit the application form before 17:30 onApr 25th, 2023 (Beijing time). For specific operation guides, please refer to the attached "Scholarship Extension Application Guide for CSC PhD Students". The CSC number can be inquired by entering the student number at the following website (

(If there is any conflict between the English version and the Chinese version, the Chinese version shall prevail.)