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New Year Message——A Letter to All International Students

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Dear students:

2020 is a year we will never forget. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected and changed everyone’s work, study and life.

We once thought that when spring blossoms, allstudents could go back to the university and study as normal, but we didn't expect that till now, two semesters have passed, many of you still can't return to university. Moreover, most of the freshmen of class 2020 still don't know what the campus looks like.

This year, some students lost their relatives unfortunately, some met serious difficulties in their lives, there were also many students who insisted on learning online under severe conditions of power and network interruptions... Each one of you did your best in these difficult situations!

Some students said that they have never been so eager to sit in the classroom. Teachers also look forward to seeing the you on campus healthily and happily...

However, the pandemic has not yet ended, and we must continue to be prepared to fight the pandemic and the difficult situations.

Difficulties require us to be brave, strong and wise! We can definitely overcome these difficulties!

In the new year, we sincerely wish all of you can make big progresses in your studies and lives. Wish you all a good health and a happy new year!

We all miss you!

International Students Office

Central University of Finance and Economics

Dec 31, 2020