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Notice on the recruitment of members of the preparatory team for the International Student Alumni Association of Central University of Finance and Economics

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Dear international student alumni:


Since the 1950s, thousands of international student alumni from all over the world has studied at our university. The university has developed significantly with the joint efforts of the teachers, students and alumni. Many alumni have expressed to the university through various channels a strong desire to establish an international student alumni association to enhance the connection between international student alumni and their alma mater. In order to create a platform for emotional exchanges, information sharing, and value creation for the majority of international student alumni, the university is preparing to establish the "Central University of Finance and Economics International Student Alumni Association" in order to provide a powerful boost to the development of the university and alumni.


We are now recruiting members of the International Student Alumni Association Preparatory Team.


Tasks of the preparatory team members: participate in drafting the international student alumni association charter under the guidance of the university; participate in the establishment of the organizational structure and the preparations for the opening ceremony of the international student alumni association.


Requirements for the members of the preparatory team: All alumni of international students who ever studied at Central University of Finance and Economics, who are enthusiastic about alumni's career, and who are willing to accept relevant work guidance from the university can sign up.


If you are interested, please submit your CV in Chinese or English to the following email: before 24:00 (Beijing time) on August 20, 2020 (CV must include the following information: passport name and Chinese name, nationality, gender, year of enrollment, major, Education level, brief work experience after graduation, contact information and current residence, etc.). A staff will contact you after receiving the email.


We wish all the international student alumni good health, happy families and a smooth career!




School of International Cultural Exchange, Central University of Finance and Economics


 International Students Office, Central University of Finance and Economics


      July 20, 2020