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A letter to international students in the summer holiday of 2020

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Dear students:


Cicadas sing in the summer heat, and lotus flowers bloom all over the sky. A special and fulfilling semester is over. The summer holiday will start on July 20 and end on September 3. All students must not return to the university until further notice. The students will be notified in time after the university schedule is confirmed.


In order to ensure that everyone spends a safety, civilized and beautiful holiday, the university specially reminds the following precautions:


1. Holiday epidemic prevention


Before the epidemic is completely over, students must strictly implement the local and university epidemic prevention and control regulations, and if you really need to leave the place of residence, you must report to the counselor.


Resolutely implement the policy of "no return to the university without approval", complete check-in according to the university requirements, and actively cooperate with the university to do a good job of statistical reporting of information.


Students must take good personal protection, wear masks consciously when going out, wash hands and ventilate frequently, try to avoid going to areas with medium and high risk levels, and minimize activities in crowded public places. If you have abnormal body temperature, quarantine observation, sickness and admission, please report to the counselor of the School of International Cultural Exchange as soon as possible.


2. Holiday safety tips


Pay attention to weather changes and geological disaster forecasts in real time, learn some safety knowledge, stay away from dangerous areas, and ensure personal safety; surf the internet in a civilized manner, do not spread rumors, do not believe rumors, prevent telecommunications network fraud, do not click on text messages, emails, and unknown links to avoid property damage.


Carefully select information, do not blindly believe in high wages, high salaries, acquaintances or employers that have not been contacted for a long time, and be wary of pyramid schemes. In case of emergency, keep calm, protect your personal safety first, and try to contact your relatives, friends, and the university.


Strictly abide by laws and regulations and pay attention to traffic safety.


3. Requirements for students staying on campus


Please strictly abide by the various regulations on campus epidemic prevention and control. If you need to go out under special circumstances, please submit an application one day in advance, maintain physical and mental health and do a "three times per day" temperature measurement. Observe the dormitory management regulations, do not use electric heating or high-power electrical appliances, alcohol stoves, liquefied gas stoves and other appliances, do not pull wires privately, and do not invite guests to stay over night; go to bed on time; pay attention to lock the doors and windows of the dormitory, to protect your personal property.


4. Make a holiday plan


We hope that the students will cherish the summer holiday, make reasonable plans, and start the new semester in a brand-new state. Pay more attention to accompany your parents and family, pay more attention to observe society changes, read more and learn to cultivate your body and mind, exercise more to strengthen your body and enrich yourself constantly.


Dear students, your health and safety is the university's greatest concern and expectation. The university pays great attention to and carefully guards the health and safety of every student! Let us strengthen our confidence and unite our efforts to jointly win this battle against the epidemic!


Looking forward to seeing you again on the beautiful campus of the Central University of Finance and Economics!


We wish you a safe, healthy and happy holiday!




International Students Office


Central University of Finance and Economics


20th July, 2020