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Release time:2018-10-11 Source: 留学生管理办公室 hits:

In order to make full use of the classroom resources on the City Campus and to create a safety learning environment for all the students, the university will clean up the occupied items in the classrooms recently. The specific arrangements are as follow:

1. Students are required to take the occupied items in classroom 104 of the main teaching building on the City Campus and other leftover items in the public areas of the classroom before 6:45 on October 19 (next Friday); Otherwise, the items will be cleaned up by the university. The items cleaned up by the university will be temporarily stored in room 202 of the main teaching building. The unclaimed items will be treated as abandoned after 7 days (the deadline is 12 noon on October 26). The school does not assume responsibility for the storage of temporary items. If the items are lost or have some other problems, the responsibility has to be taken by the owner. Please take all your belongings when you leave the classroom and use the classroom appropriately.

2. The university will clean all the classrooms on the City Campus at 6:45am according to the actual situation.

3. From October 10th, the opening hours of the classroom 103 of the main teaching building will be extended to 12am, whether the university will open other classrooms in the future depends on the actual situation.


Teaching Affairs Office  

School of International Cultural Exchange

Oct 11, 2018