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International Students Made Rice dumplings to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival

Release time:2018-06-20 Source: 教学部 hits:

On June 15th, School of International Cultural Exchange organized students to welcome the Dragon Boat Festival, eating rice dumplings, following folk customs, learning Chinese, and celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival.

At 9 in the morning, Chinese teachers led the international students to the No.1 canteen of our school, experiencing the custom of the Dragon Boat Festival and. The staff of the canteen have already prepared the materials for making rice dumplings.The undergraduate students of 2017 clas, TU Hata and JIN Youliya, were the hosts of the activities. At the beginning, they introduced the history and customs of the Dragon Boat Festival.

Most of the students first made dumplings with their own hands, and everyone was eager to try. Chinese teachers help canteen staff to explain in Chinese, vice president Wang Guoqing also personally demonstrated for the students, to introduce the steps of making. The students have emulated and fully felt the fun of the hands-on. They completed their own rice dumplings "works" in a group competition and sent the good wishes to the all of teachers and students in our school. School of International Cultural Exchange also prepared the boiled rice dumplings,inviting foreign students to taste this traditional food, which is full of festive atmosphere.