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Dear applicants,

Many international students have recently asked for admission issue as well as a letter of acceptance from our professors in our university. The reply answers as follows:

1. The School of International Cultural Exchange is the only division of Central University of Finance and Economics to receive the application documents. All the applicants can email your documents to  or or post them by registered mail to  the Admission Office, School of International Cultural Exchange, Central University of Finance and Economics, Room 1017, CUFE Tower. The Admission Office will dispatch the application documents to different schools for review and then issue the letter of acceptance for those who pass the document review.

2. The Master and/or Doctorate Programs offered in English in 2018 academic year include Finance(Master & Doctorate), International Business ( Master), Investment (Master), Public Finance(Master & Doctorate),  Defense Economics(Master & Doctorate), Regional Economics( Master), International Law ( Master) as well as Financial Service Law( Master). The other programs are offered in Chinese.

3. Applicants have to provide English proficiency, such as TOEFL or IELTS when submitting the documents.

4. The deadline for Chinese Government Scholarships is March 31, 2018. All the applicants have to access the web-site ( for online application

CUFE’s agency number is 10034.

Wish you good luck!  

School of International Cultural Exchange

November 1, 2017