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Our International Students Participating in "Ceramic Art Experience"

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On May 9th, 44 international students of my University participated in "2009 Beijing foreign students Chinese culture festival - Ceramic art Experience" organized by Beijing International Education Exchange Center and Beijing Institute of Higher Management of Overseas Students.  


China is the home town of ceramic, international students participated by painting, clay sculpture, casting production. At the end everyone agreed that the experience of Chinese ceramic culture was a very interesting cultural experience.


During the competition each country international student used their own wisdom and imagination to create different styles of work. Mongolia students from University made "Gan Alden, Gerile, En Su Buda", Vietnamese students made "Ding Yuling, Fei bamboo, The "Wu shi Qing xuan" work receive a price from the competition.


After the competition, we also visited the Shunyi Olympic Rowing-Canoeing Park.