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CUFE Organized Business Chinese Test (BCT)

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On April 6th CUFE held a Business Chinese Test (BCT) from 9:00am to 12:00.  


44 foreign students from Vietnam, Mongolia, Korea, and North Korea had the exam test.


With the assistance of Foreign Languages Institute, Our school first BCT exam Hosted by the International Cultural Exchange School was a complete success.


BCT is a state-level standardized test designed to assess the Chinese proficiency of non-native speakers engaged in business activities.


The test content of BCT mainly covers business activities and business-related daily life and social interaction activities.


BCT is open for the whole world and serves institutions and individuals who want to assess business Chinese proficiency.


It has 3 main purposes include:


1 Providing a basis for employers to assess the business Chinese proficiency of relevant persons when making such decisions as employee recruitment, selection, placement and promotion;


2 Helping relevant teaching and training institutions to assess the business Chinese proficiency of candidates in recruitment and class division; assessing the practical effects achieved from the teaching and training of relevant teaching and training institutions


3 Providing a certificate of business Chinese proficiency for any person who seeks for a job, takes interviews or wants to be promoted; Helping Chinese learners to understand and improve their business Chinese ability.


BCT exam started on April 6th, In December 2007 after being approved as BCT (BCT) test center, our University held his first examination.


After receiving the 2008 BCT exam notice from Han ban, quickly our university students and students from around university made a huge work by distributing and sticking BCT exam posters and pictures, organized meeting for intruding BCT exam, and   organized an auxiliary class for BCT exam.


All the examination staff from School of International Cultural Exchange participated twice in BCT examination work training, registration, and so on...


As the examination room, the audio visual classroom staff also has done a lot of work for the success of the exam.


in order to make student better understand, get more familiar  , to provide more opportunities and get more experience from the test,  our university on march 30th specially organized a free BCT exam , at all 53 students participated to the exam.


It’s reported that, this year our school will hold 3 times the BCT examination on June, September and December, each examination held by School of International Cultural Exchange will provide more convenient, and high quality of service for our University and surrounding colleges and University foreign student.