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Foreign Language Teaching Experts Zhao Jinming Appointed as an Adjunct Professor

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On  January 11, 2008, vice president of the International Society for Chinese Language Teaching, famous foreign language teaching expert, professor and doctoral tutor Zhao Jinming, Jiang Liping a famous professor of Beijing Language and Culture University, Professor Xing Yan from China Communication University of Business Chinese international came to our school and made three wonderful academic reports. The Foreign Language Research lecture was a complete success. Li Junsheng, vice president of the university, has attended the seminar. The lectures were hosted by Shao Feng, the vice president of the School of International Cultural Exchange. 


   During the lectures, Li Junsheng, has expressed a warm welcome to the three well-known experts, and also presented a Visiting professor letter to Professor Zhao Jinming. Professor Zhao Jinming is one of China's first researcher specialized in a Foreign Language. He has been working for decades as a Foreign Language professional teacher and researcher.


   After the ceremony, the three professors respectively made wonderful speeches.


   Professor Zhao Jinming, from the theoretical level, has presented the new teaching concepts and models of the world’s second language, and has also explained how such a teaching philosophy can be used in classroom instruction and for preparation of teaching materials. He has provided a valuable experience for our school and pointed out the direction of scientific research work.


   Professor Jiang Liping from years of classroom teaching practice, pointed out clearly the scope of foreign language teachers, it is not enough merely to impart knowledge, but also should train students' language skills, students emotion and values, to teach students how to learn by themselves. Professor Jiang has also used a large number of vivid examples to explain the teaching skills of classroom teaching. It is a direct guidance for the teaching methods in SICE.


   Professor Xing Yan has extensive experience in international business and promotion of Chinese language, especially Chinese Textbook in the business. He has accomplished outstanding achievements. Professor Xing has combined the actual real needs of learning Chinese with business Chinese international promotion, to introduce models of business Chinese teaching, business Chinese advertisement books, marketing, and so on. These models and methods are very important for our university in teaching business Chinese and in research.