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Letter Addressed to International Students for the 2013 Winter Holidays

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Letter Addressed to International Students for the 2013 Winter Holidays

Dear students:

For the coming winter holidays and the new spring season, we, SICE faculty members and staff, would like to greet their students and wish them happy Spring Festival. To enable students to spend a safe winter holidays, we would like to suggest the following precautions:

Firstly, the Holidays period is from January 19 (Saturday) to February 21 (Thursday); the registration for the new semester will be on February 22 (Friday), and the classes will start on February 25 (Monday). Every student must make proper arrangements before leaving the university, be back on time, and make sure to buy a round-trip ticket. In order to prevent visa expiration problem, the students whose visa are about to expire should come back early to the school. If you do not leave China during the holidays, please inform the international students Office with our travel plans (Tel: 62288276).

Secondly, the accommodation management is like this: During the winter holidays, the Red building dormitory in South road campus will still be open; the white buildings, West 1 and West 2, will be closed. We invite all the students who are staying in the white buildings during the holidays to move to the red building from January 20 to February 20. The dormitories building 9 and 10 on Shahe Campus East will remain open. If during the holidays you need to take some of your things in you former room, please contact the Expert Hotel reception.


Thirdly, safety tips should be like this: you should enhance your safety awareness during the holidays, lock the dormitory doors and windows, turn off the power supply and take care of your personal belongings when you leave the dormitory. Please pay attention to property and traffic safety and be very careful when exchanging with strangers. In case of emergencies or special difficulties, be sure to promptly contact the international Office’s teachers, the school authorities or the police in order to obtain timely guidance and help. Choose properly the food and do not forget to do some physical exercises; you should also make a good schedule for your studies and life activities in order to have a healthy body, and be fully prepared for the new semester.


Fourthly, Student Activities are as follows: The SICE will organize for the international students a Chinese New Year Luncheon on February 8 (Friday) at 11:00 at the restaurant of the Expert Hotel on South road campus, the school’s leaders, teachers and students will all be present ( For the students staying in Shahe, a school bus will take them on February 8 at 9:50 am); on February 9 (Saturday) at 17:00, the students staying in South road Campus and Shahe East Campus will be invited to have a taste of Chinese dumplings in the respective cafeteria (South Campus’ cafeteria 1 and 1stfloor of Shahe’s cafeteria), and they will watch the CCTV New Year's Gala. On February 10 (Sunday) from 11:00-12: 00, free dumplings will be prepared for the students at South Campus’ cafeteria 1 and 1stfloor of Shahe’s cafeteria.


We wish our international students a happy winter holidays and Happy Chinese New Year!


School of International Cultural Exchange


January 17, 2013