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2014 Chinese New Year Luncheon with International Students

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2014 Chinese New Year Luncheon with International Students


On December 27, 2013, SICE prepared the 2014 Chinese New Year luncheon for international students at the Expert Hotel on Xueyuan South Road Campus.


Professor Li Junsheng, the vice-president of the CUFE, joined the luncheon and gave a warm speech. He expressed his sympathy and gratitude to SICE staff for their hard work in educational activities for international students of the past years and then he also congratulated the students for their good behavior and good marks. The vice-president was pleased to talk about what he had experienced with the international students. He was the tutor of an international student who successfully got his PhD degree. After his graduation, that student went back to his country and got an important position. The vice-president shared with everyone his special joy as a professor. He wished a happy New Year to all the teachers and international students of the Central University of Finance and Economics, and they all took a picture as a souvenir.


     Subsequently, the vice-president Li Junsheng awarded each of the international students, who obtained the Beijing Municipal Government Scholarship (2013), with a Certificate of Honor, and posed for pictures with them.


     The Luncheon was hosted by the Dean of the School of International Cultural Exchange, Zhang Tiegang. Hundred of international students and some teachers attended that luncheon. During the luncheon, teachers, in a warm festive atmosphere, wished many good things of the students. The students also used the language of their own country to wish a Happy New Year to the teachers and other students.