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International Students participated in award-winning cooking competition in Beijing

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      The"2010BeijingInternational StudentsFestival ---the fourthChinese foodcooking competition for international studnets", co-sponsoredbyBeijing Institute of Foreign Students Education Management  and Beijing Cuisine Association, is heldin BeijingInternational Education Exchange Center.

      International students in our university receiveall kinds ofAwards, among which 乌云格 fromMongol and 陈芳秋 fromVietnam win thesecond prize; 尤杜斯fromKazakh wins the third prize  and 赛娜 from Mongol and 谢利 from Canad get the award of excellence 。

      More than 200 students from different countries experiencethe culture of chinese food and feelthe fun ofthe Chinese culture bycookingdumplings andKung Pao chicken.