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CIS Scholarship - Semester Program 2019 Spring

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Confucius Institute Scholarship

Chinese Language Semester Program


The Confucius Institute Scholarship (CIS) offers high achieving individuals from abroad the opportunity to study Chinese for one semester at Central University of Finance and Economics. Launched by the Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban), the scholarship aims to train qualified Chinese language teachers as well as to facilitate the global promotion of Chinese language and culture. The entrusted organizations for recommending eligible candidates (hereinafter referred to as“recommending institutions”) are Confucius Institutes, independently operated Confucius Classrooms, and selected HSK test centers. Both Chinese language teachers and students are eligible to apply.

CUFE is a key university under the direct leadership of the Ministry of Education, an institution listed in China’s Double First-Class Initiative, a national project with the goal of fostering world standards in China's universities. The university’s applied economics is ranked No.1 and rated A+ by the Ministry of Education in the latest round of national academic evaluation. The university is in prime location of Beijing, the nation’s capital. CIS candidates will be studying on the university’s city campus and will be provided with on-campus housing. Located at the city center, the campus is only 4 kilometers away from the Tiananmen Square.

TCSOL students and teachers interested in Chinese language teaching and global promotion are encouraged to apply for 2019 spring semester intake. The length of the program is 1 semester.


1. Non-Chinese citizens

2. In good physical and mental condition,well performed both academically and behaviorally

3. Aspired to take future careers on theteaching or International promotion of Chinese language

4. Between the ages of 16-35 as of September 1st, 2018. Applicants currently working as Chinese language teachershall not exceed the age limit of 45



1. A minimum score of 210 in HSK Test (Level 3) and a valid HSKK score

2. Applicants withholding X1 or X2 visas are not eligible

* Students will enroll in March 2019


Application period

Application is open from now to December 20th, 2018.



1. Register online at, select Central University of Finance and Economics

2. Select a recommending institution, upload required documents

3. Track application progress, feedbacks,and admission results

4. Once awarded the scholarship, print CIS certificate, contact CUFE and register at the university’s International student system

5. Register at CUFE on dates stated on the admission letter


Required documents

1. A scanned copy of passport photo page

2. A scanned copy of score reports of HSK and HSKK tests (within the two-year validity)

3. A recommendation letter by the director of recommending institution (Chinese language teacher shall provide in addition a proof of employment as well as a reference letter by the employer)

4. Any additional documents may be requiredby CUFE


Chinese Bridge award recipient policies

Chinese Bridgewinners awarded the “Confucius Institute Scholarship Certificate” shall log onto the scholarship website and submit documents to CUFE upon presentation oftheir CIS certificates. Please contact for inquiry.


Contact Us

Office of International Admissions, CUFE


Tel: 86-10-62288286

Address: School of International Culturaland Exchange, No. 39th South College Road, Haidian, Beijing, China


Division of Test and Scholarships atHanban