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Online Application              

Click Online Application                



Application checklist                      

>Application Form  

Available at Online Application                

>A copy of highest degree diploma  

or a certificate stating your student status and expected graduation date.    

> Official transcripts      

>A copy of your HSK-5 Report      

if you are applying to degree programs in Chinese.    

> A copy of passport  

>A personal statement      

Additional required documents for master’s and doctoral applicants:  

>Two letters of recommendation  

>A Research Proposal  

800 words for master’s applicants and 1500 words for PhD applicants    

> A copy of master’s thesis or other publications (PhD applicants only)    

Additional required documents for applicants under 18 years old:  

>A letter of guardianship  

>A copy of guardian’s passport or ID    


Note: All application documents will NOT be returned regardless of your admission status.          


    Application Fee                    

A 500 RMB application fee must be made payable to the School.            

Application fee is non-refundable.            



R1 deadline: March 28th  

R2 deadline: May 31st.

The admission at CUFE is conducted on a rolling basis.

Therefore it is strongly recommended that applications be submitted as early as possible.

Early applicants will also gain an advantage in scholarships and housing application.            



Once all documents have been received, your application will be forwarded to according academic departments for further review.

Applicants will be notified via e-mail regarding interview information and admission results.          


Deposit Fee

A 3000 RMB deposit fee has to be paid within 2 weeks of your admission.

It will be deducted from your tuition fee upon enrollment.          


For further information regarding major, tuition fee, scholarships, etc, please download the attachment.