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Those who have passed the examinations and interview of programs in Chinese or Englishwill receive an official Admission notice and JW202 form within one week after the tests.


An X type of visa is required for international students studying in China for more than one year; and either an X or F type of visa is required for those pursuing study in China for less than one year. Our university will process visa change for those with L type of visa after they enroll at the CUFE.

Tuition and Fees

All the tuition and  fees should be paid in RMB cash; the tuition for Chinese and training programs shall be paid every semester; and the tuition for students pursuing degrees (undergraduate, graduate and PhD candidate) shall be paid every academic year. The application fee is not refundable if students cannot attend class due to personal reasons. The tuition will not be refunded if the study is terminated due to the violation of laws or university regulations.

Application fee and tuition can be transferred to the bank account of  Central University of Finance and Economics:



BENEFICIARYA/C No.: 030-734­8194336,

Name: Central University of Finance and Economics, Address: 39 South College Rd, Beijing, People's Republic of China, Tel: 86-10-62288276/62288286, Fax: 86-10-62288982.

Please fax or mail the copy of your remittance bill to: School of International Cultural Exchange of Central University of Finance and Economics.