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Day trip to the Ming Tombs and Changping Apple Theme Park

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In order to have a better understanding of the Chinese history and culture, as well as the development of modern agriculture, School of International Cultural Exchange organised a day trip for Mofcom students to the Ming Tombs and Changping Apple Theme Park on November 16.  


International students visited the Main Scared Way and Changling Mausoleum of the Ming Tombs. Walking through the tomb passage, looking at those ancient stone statues, and climbing the Soul Tower, wherever they go, international students were amazed by the magnificent ancient architectures and the solemn atmosphere of commemoration.  


International students also visited the Changping Apple Theme Park. The park is the first modern orchard in China with the theme of apples and gardening. It combines six kinds of functions: variety reserve, sightseeing and picking, expert demonstration, facility cultivation, exhibition display, and breeding. International students visited the apple cold storage to learn about apple sorting and preservation methods, they also tasted some local apples.  


The day trip gives international students an opportunity to feel and learn more about the Chinese history, culture and modern agriculture, which is conducive for them to have a comprehensive perception of China.  



Feedback from International Students  


It was a first time experience, full of fun, education and entertainment. Thank you and we look forward for many more of such trips.  


——ILLIASU TIA MOHAMMED (Ghana, Finance 19’)