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Chinese Corner is set up for international students

Release time:2018-05-11 Source: hits:

In order to help international students in our school to use what they have learned in Chinese class, and to strengthen communication with Chinese people and to improve practical Chinese communicative competence, International Cultural Exchange has set up a Chinese Corner for international students. We also invited Chinese students to act as language partners, communicating and practicing Chinese with foreign students.

Chinese corner was held in the Muslim canteen of the southern campus of our university. International students at CUFE are from more than 10 countries, including Vietnam, Japan, Rwanda, Korea,Laos, Mongolia and Thailand. All of them were involved in the activities. From the beginning, Chinese teachers were also involved, encouraging students to speak Chinese. Although all of the students were just sitting around a small table, it seemed like they were travelling around the world together,understanding different cultures, but communicating together in one language.

A student who participated expressed his view, saying, “I think this activity is very fun. I can understand the ideas of Chinese young people, learn some words which are popular and useful now, and I have made Chinese friends.” Since April, Chinese Corner has been held three times. There has been no reduction of interest from international students,perhaps because of the relaxing atmosphere and enjoyable activities. They all have a growing interest in learning, making Chinese friends and improving their Chinese language ability.