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The 2018 spring term orientation and the anti-drug lecture were held to welcome the new international students of CUFE

Release time:2018-03-05 Source: Office of International Student Affairs hits:

The spring term international student orientation and the anti-drug lecture were held in room 421, main teaching building, city campus of CUFE on 3 March, 2018.

In the Orientation, Associate Professor Chen introduced our university to the new students from the following aspects: regulations, visa affairs, safety information, extra curriculum activities etc. She also encouraged the new students to make good use of their time and study hard.

The anti-drug lecture was given by Ms Ding. She explained the individual and social damage drug can cause, the legislations and punishments for illegal use of drug, and the ways and awarding for reporting a drug offense.

In the end, all the new international students signed on the commitment letter of drug control. The orientation and anti-drug lecture help the new students adjust to their study  and life in CUFE , and have a positive impact on building a healthy campus.