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CUFE’s 2015 Autumn Sports Games Successfully Held

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CUFE’s 2015 Autumn Sports Games Successfully Held



After two days of heavy raining, the sky in Beijing became extraordinarily clear and the temperature rebounded significantly. On the 23th of October, accompanied by the warm autumn morning sunshine, the faculty members and students gathered at the sports field on Shahe campus to participate in the annual school sports event--the Autumn Sport Games. The Games opening ceremony started in cheers at 8:30 a.m. The Deputy Secretary of the party in the university Professor Ni Haidong, Professor Chen Ming, The Vice President Professor Wangyao Qi, Professor Shi Jianping, the assistant President Professor Zhu Lingyun and Deans from different schools and institutes attended the opening ceremony. The Dean of School of the Sports Economics and Management presided over the opening ceremony.



The ceremony started first with the athletes entering the stadium, who were followed by the university’s flag. 25 groups were successively reviewed by the university’s leaders, faculty members and students.            



                          Square of CUFE’s Flag  



Square of Red Flag            


Balloon: Beautiful multicolored balloons flying into the arena, to show not only the muscles, as well as self-confidence and courage in "Come to CUFE if you want to learn finance".            



 Square of School of International Cultural Exchange  



After the flag-raising ceremony, Professor Wang Yaoqi, Director of the university’s sports committee and also vice president, delivered the opening speech. She expressed, on behalf of the university, her congratulations to everyone for the success of the organization of the Games, and she also addressed her greetings and gratitude to the athletes, referees and all the faculty members and staff. The Vice-president Wang Yaoqi said that sport is an important part of a good education system; the university has always been involved in the development of physical education, the promotion of bringing people together and competition as an important part of building high-level university education. In particular, in May this year, our university women's volleyball team won the 2014-2015 National University Volleyball League championship Final. This victory has created a new history, ignited the passion of the teachers and students, and has also built a healthy atmosphere of sport. She noted that the current Games are not only to review the work of the people in charge of sport in our university, but it is also to check the high morale of the people and their fighting spirit. She hoped that more teachers and students can get involved in sport activities, to harvest a happy mood, improve quality of life, and to continue to give their support to our school sport activities.      

Following the 2014 autumn Games “most unusual national wind”, this year, the faculty members presented a dance with a Tibetan style, "Large plateau”. The dance began with a group composed of 10 women whom are at least 45 years old. They are all from the cleaning staff of CUFE Asset Management Company, which were dressed in beautiful Tibetan clothing, changing dancing formation from time to time, creating a beautiful scene. They were followed by the team of teachers from the school of Insurance, Law and Management Science and Engineering dressed in Tibetan clothing, or skirt. After them, the next group is a team of teachers dressed in uniforms, dancing in neat line with red silk and bamboo. This year a total of 380 faculty members participated in the Square Dance performances. The number has increased by 200 people compared to last year.      

Teachers Square Dancing

Inspired by the passionate pace and win the dream of youth. The Art Troupe of the Youth League Committee students in neat rows, entered into the field with powerful drumbeats, bringing the atmosphere again to a climax. This group was composed by 40 students, all dressed in white uniform, with multi-tone drum, snare drum, bass drum and cymbals when marching forward into the field, playing the touching Marching percussion “QiCheng” during which along with its bright, vigorous rhythms, 16 flagmen were rotating and waving the blue flags in a flag dance, using this Majestic flag dance to amaze the audience. Leaders, teachers and students on the podium and the audience have come up with their phones to record their elegant appearance. The combination of the drumbeats performances with the flag dance is a new attempt of the students from the Art Troupe of our university. This beautiful performance showed vibrant and progressive spirit of our students, and it has been welcomed and applauded by the teachers and students.          

Percussion Performance

At the end of the opening ceremony, the song, "future", sounded all over the stadium, the university’s leaders followed by the representatives of teachers and students and the escort team opened the Games, and the different sport events also began. It is reported that there are two groups which were taking part in the current games, a group of teachers and a group of students, for a total of more than 800 students and more than 400 faculty members. They all competed in 33 various events, and we have also registered a record of the number of staff members. Meanwhile, two new events have been created this year, "Football Kick" and "Kangaroo jump". The purpose of that is to increase number of participants, teachers and students, and to stimulate the enthusiasm of everyone to participate in physical exercise.





School leaders Escort


                               Wonderful Games Moments      


At 4:00 p.m., the closing ceremony of the games, which lasted nearly two days, was held under the auspices of M. Gao Yan. These Games chief referee Wang Huan, from the school of sports economics and management, announced the competition results. With 267 points, the school of finance’s team won the championship; the number two is the school of Accounting with 228 points. These two schools also won the current Games Sportsmanship Award. After the ceremony, Vice President Wang Yaoqi delivered the closing speech. She first, on behalf of the university and the Organizing Committee, congratulated not only the winners, but also all the athletes, referees and staff, and she expressed her gratitude and highest respect. Vice President Wang said that these Games were like a workout, an opportunity to unite the people; they are also an opportunity to show our abilities and highlight people characteristics. The scenes of the success of the brave athletes are still vivid in one’s mind; they have showed the athleticism spirit, healthy and high-spirited mental state, which was also encouraged by everyone.