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Regulations for International Students Living off-Campus

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According to the government regulations, foreign students who live off-campus must live in housing that has been approved as a legal residence for foreigners. If they choose to live in housing that has not been approved as legal residence for foreigners, their rights will not be protected by law.


If students would like to move off campus during their study period, they have to go through the following procedures:

1) Obtain from the local police station an approval for residing temporarily at the new address.

2) Bring your Passport and Residence Permit to the School of International Cultural Exchange and fill out the application for the change of address.

3) Bring your Passport, Residence Permit and the Application for Change of Address to the Aliens' Exit and Entry Administration Office of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau to go through the necessary procedures.

4) Bring all the relevant documents to the School of International Cultural Exchange and hand in the "move-out" application. You can only move out after obtaining the approval.


Those living off campus who would like to change place of living should go through the same procedures.