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Message for International Students

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Central University of Finance and Economics

International Students Admissions


Section One, Check-in & Registration

International students, who are admittedinto the Central University of Finance and Economics, shall check in along withthe admission notice, visa application for study in China (JW202 Form),physical examination certificate as well as 4 standard passport photos on thetime and dates indicated in the Admission Notice

At the beginning of each semester, internationalstudents shall register their Student ID card in the international studentaffairs office on the exact date designated by the administration. Internationalstudents shall call the office in advance for a leave if they can’t check in orregister within the designated period of time due to emergencies, or, thecancellation of enrollment and expulsion will apply.

Section Two, Standard Costs

The Registration Fee:500 RMB

Tuition:Long-term Language Training Programs --- 8800RMB/semester

 Undergraduates--- 22000 RMB/academic year.

 Postgraduates---  26000 RMB/academic year.

  Ph.Dcandidate. --- 30000 RMB/ academic year.

 (The tuition for English programs stated in the programbooklet)

Textbooks:Language Training Programs --- 200RMB or so;

   Others--- according to specific programs

Accommodation:International Students Apartment :Double---50RMB/day/person

Single---  55/day/person.

        Expert Hotel:Double--- 240 RMB/day/room

Students who are planning to live on campusshall make reservations 2 months before a new semester starts. For ReservationService, please call 86-10-62288996, 86-10-62288886.

Insurance premiums: 300 RMB/6 months, 600 RMB/year, both witha maximum amount of compensation up to 400,000 RMB.

Section Three, Paying Provisions

1, Students in Long-term Language Training Programsand other Programs shall pay at least for one semester in advance, whileundergraduates, postgraduates and Ph.D.s shall pay at least for one academicyear in advance, within the first week of the semester. Failure in payingrelevant fees will lead to expulsion.

2, Students leaving school after paymentwill only retrieve part of the tuition and the accommodation fees. Studentsexpelled from school will not retrieve any fees paid.

3, Students who need to revamp credits willpay according to the school credits needed revamping.

4, Students shall pay at least 4 months ofaccommodation fees at one time in advance.

5, All expenses will be measured andaccepted in RMB. The registration fees and tuition can be delivered in cash aswell as by bank transfers to the following remittance address:



BENEFICIARY A/C NO: 030-734-8194336



TEL: 86-10-62288276

(Please fax a copy of your remittance billto the School of International Culture Exchange of CUFE by 86-10-62288982 afteryour transfer.)

Section Four, Visa & Residence Permit

International students in CUFE shall beholding the X-Visa or F-Visa. Anyone who does not hold the above visa shallmake a change within the period of validity of the current visa.

Based on the relevant rules and regulationsof Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, students with X-Visa shall visitthe Exit and Entry Administration Department under Beijing Municipal PublicSecurity Bureau for residence permit within 30 days upon entry, providing thefollowing files and papers: visa, visa application for study in China (JW202 Form),admission notice, physical examination certificate, Accommodation RegistrationForm(for students living off-campus) and the Visa & Residence Permit ApplicationForm. International students who are transferred to CUFE from a Chinesemainland university shall also provide relevant certificate of education fromthe original university as well as procedures needed in changing residenceaddress and universities.

International students are permitted toreside in China within the validity period of their visa or residence permit.The validity period of visas and residence permit shall be extended in time.Students with visa or residence permit expired due to invalidity of period willbe regarded as illegal residence, and will be punished by public security agencieson the basis of facts and situations (usually, 500 RMB/day for illegalresidence).

Generally, we will only offer internationalstudents with visa application for study in China (JW202 Form) once withoutcharges, and the procedures for more visa application for study in China (JW202 Form) due to the students’ personal factors will be charged.

Section Five, Physical Examination

International students with X-Visa shallvisit Beijing International Travel Healthcare Centre for physical examinationwithin 30 days upon entry. International students can also perform physicalexams at home, but results must be provided to Beijing International TravelHealthcare Centre for confirmation. Physical exam results are not demanded fromthe international students with F-Visa.

Section Six, Curriculum Scheme & Extra-curricularActivities

An academic year is divided into a springsemester dating from 10th of March to 10th of July, and a fall semester from10th of Sept. to 10th January.

School days starts from Monday and endsFriday, with twenty 45-50min class periods per week.

Students in Language training Programs willbe classified into different classes according to their Chinese competence,while those in Professional Knowledge Training Programs will choose and takethe same courses along with local students. International students in DegreePrograms will take classes among local students or with each other according tothe number of enrollment, both under the same syllabus with local students.

In order to provide the internationalstudents with a better chance to learn about China, the school will organize avariety of extra-curricular activities, such as urban& suburban tours,visits, Beijing Opera shows, martial art performances, as well as lecturesconcerning Chinese history, culture and economy.

Section Seven, Discipline Requirements

1, Discipline in behaviors

International students shall obey the lawsof the People’s Republic of China as well the rules and regulations by CUFE,and shall show respect to the customs and mores of the Chinese. Internationalstudents shall behave and dress properly on campus. Assemblies shall bepermitted by the administration, and religion congregations are strictly bannedon campus. Drugs, overdose of alcohol, fights, even unlicensed driving ormotorcycling will not be tolerated on campus. International students whoseverely violate the law or school administrative regulations will be punishedby expulsion.

2, Discipline in class

All students shall attend the class ontime, without leaving early or arriving late. Leaves must be asked for inadvance during emergencies (please refer to Class Attendance Requirementsfor more detailed information).

International students shall pay respect totheir teachers, by timely hand-in of homework as well as attentive feedbacksand interactions.

3, Rules and Regulations on exams

International students participating non-degreeprograms (language training and professional knowledge training programs) donot have a second chance in getting course credits. Students involved in degreeprograms can take a second-chance exam or revamp their credits. Students cheatingin exams will be marked zero-grade for the course and punished on the basis ofthe facts and situations (please refer to Rules and Regulations on Exams forInternational Students in CUFE for more detailed information).

Section Eight, Completion& Graduation

Lawful students with eligible final examresults will earn their Certificate of Completion with CUFE. Students withsufficient school credits and approved thesis will earn their Certificate ofGraduation with CUFE. Students measuring up to the relevant degree criteriawill get diplomas. Corresponding awards also apply to those who fit.

Section Nine, Accommodation

International students in CUFE can chooseto live on campus in residential halls or specialist hotel, or off-campus. Accordingto the rules and regulations by Beijing municipal public security bureau, studentsliving off-campus shall provide their papers and files such as passports,rental contracts and premises certificates to local police stations forcheck-in within 24 hours upon rental. Off-campus dwellers that change theirresidential locations shall also provide relevant papers and files to localpolice stations for check-in within 24 hours upon moving in, and shall processrelated procedures in the Exit and Entry Administration Department underBeijing Municipal Public Security Bureau within 10 days upon moving in. Forstudents violating the above regulation will be punished by the public securityagencies, and all the responsibilities caused by the violation against theabove regulation will be answered for by the student alone.

On-campus dwellers shall make reservationsin advance. Accommodation agreements must be signed during check-in, regulatingthe dwellers to obey the administrative rules. Room switching withoutpermission, employment of high-power wirings, production of high noises, and returneesafter mid-night will not be tolerated. Ahead-of-schedule termination of rentalcontract has to gain joint permission from international student affairs officeas well as the residential hall administrative office. Any rule violator willbe punished (please refer to Accommodation Notice for International Studentsfor more detailed information).

Section Ten, the Library, Computer Lab,Student’s Canteen, Recreation Hall for International Students


Opening Hours:Reading Room--- 8:30am-10:30pm, all the week.

       Borrower’s counter--- 8:30am- 5:00pm, weekday.

Reader’s card procedures require theprovision of student’s ID card, 100RMB (retrievable upon regular return ofreader’s card), one standard passport photo, while a borrower’s card demands200RMB more as foregift.

TheStudent’s Canteen

Opening Hours:7:00am- 8:30am, 11:00am- 1:00pm, and 5:00pm- 6:30pm,everyday.

Diner’s card procedures require 100RMB forthe first time (including 20RMB as foregift, 10RMB of card cost, 70RMB ofdining deposit).

TheComputer Lab

Location:Computer Lab, 2nd F, Audio-visual Centre

Opening Hours:8:30am- 10:30pm, everyday.

Pay rate:1RMB/hour

The Computer Lab user card can be acquiredby providing the administrative personnel with student’s ID card or passport, atRoom 201, 2nd F, Audio-visual Centre.

Residential Hall dwellers with PCs can surfthe net at dorm. Access initiation procedures shall be carried out at Room 201,2nd F, Audio-visual Centre, which demand the provision of passport, and 5RMB.Students can choose between the pay rate of 1RMB/hour, and that of 80RMB/month(infinite hours and bits).

TheRecreation Hall for International Students  

Opening Hours:2:00pm- 4:30pm, every Tuesday and Thursday

Activities:Ping-Pong, table tennis, gymnasium

Any damage caused to the equipments bystudents shall be answered for.

Reception Desks in the Residential Hallsprovide rental services of sport equipment such as badminton rackets, ping-pongbats, basketballs, footballs, volleyballs, skipping rope, and shuttlecock. Internationalstudents can borrow the above equipments with their student’s ID card free ofcharge. The lost or damage of the equipments by students shall be answered for.

Section Eleven, Medicare

International students admitted into CUFEmust purchase comprehensive medical insurance and accidental injury insuranceupon enrollment. Students who claim purchasing insurance at home shall provide acopy of the insurance policy to the international student affairs office andshall sign a guarantee. Otherwise, international students shall purchase theHospitalization & Medical Insurance and Accidental Injury Insurance for Studyin China. For those who decline the above insurance will not be enrolled orregistered.



Class Attendance Requirements

In order to insure the orderly teaching andlearning process, the school requires the international students to obey thefollowing requirements in class.

1, Accordingto the rules and regulations on disciplines in class, all students shall attendclass on time, without leaving early, arriving late or truancy. Behaviors irrelevantto class contents or disturbing class orders, such as the using of cell phones,shall be strictly forbidden.

2, Studentsshall ask their teachers for a private affair leave. A leave for privateaffairs within 3 days shall be asked for from the teacher, who is authorized topermit. Leaves more than 3 days can only be permitted by the internationalstudent affairs office. The maximum extent for a private affair leave is 14days. Any absence from class without asking or permission will be regarded astruancy.

3, A sickleave within 3 days shall be asked for from the teacher, who is authorized topermit. For a sick leave more than 3 days, the students shall provide the internationalstudent affairs office with medical descriptions. Any absence from classwithout asking will be regarded as truancy.

4, Threetimes of being late for class will be counted as truancy. Students arrivingover 20 minutes late will not be permitted into the classroom, and will beregarded as truancy.

5,Students who are recorded absent for more than one third of all the credithours a course requires in one semester, will be forbidden from taking theexam. For students who are recorded absent for more than one third of all thecredit hours all courses require in one semester, the university will notprovide any forms of educational certificate concerning the students.

6, Studentswho are recorded absent for 80 credit hours in one semester, will be expelledfrom school immediately, and will be ordered to return home within time limit,by shortening their residential permit period.

7, This regulation will take effect uponpublication.

8, TheSchool of International Culture Exchange will be responsible for theinterpretation of the above regulation.



Accommodation Notice for International Students

1, Alldwellers in the residential hall for international students shall check in atthe reception desk before moving in, where the accommodation card shall becarefully filled in, and the accommodation agreement signed.

2,Dwellers are not allowed to switch rooms or accommodate guests withoutpermission after moving in, or, will be fined with 2- 3 times of theaccommodation fees.

3, Inflammable goods, poisonous articles,or live animals are denied access.

4,Dwellers shall strictly obey the Beijing comprehensive management of socialsecurity regulations, as well as the routine system by CUFE.

5, High volume music or clamor, overdose ofalcohol, or parties are forbidden in dorms.

6,Corridors and public spaces shall be clear of personal belongings, or any formsof establishments and equipment presenting danger.

7,Precautions against fire, theft and accidents shall be well taken. Valuablepersonal belongings shall be well guarded or kept. Doors must be locked wellbefore leaving. Any suspicious activities shall be reported to the receptiondesk.

8,Equipments, such as gas water heaters, electric stoves, microwave ovens andwashing machines shall be operated properly. Accidents caused by false handlingwill be answered for by the perpetrator alone.

9, Wallsshall be kept tidy. Scratching, nailing on interior walls, furniture and otherequipments, as well as wiring extending without permission, will not betolerated and will be fined.

10,Please contact the reception desk immediately if any malfunction of facilitiesoccurs, for timely maintenance.

11, Room keys or magcards shall be kept safe,and the loss will be fined.

12, Eachdweller will be provided with the following articles: one table, one chair, onebookcase, one wardrobe, one bed& one set of bedding, one lamp. Each dwelleris only allowed to use his/her own stuff. The use of roommate’s articles willbe charged twice.

13, Please kindly cooperate with thewaiters, while they are cleaning the public spaces of the hall.

14, Dwellers are not allowed to cook indorms for safety reasons.

15, Long-term dwellers (over 4 months)shall pay at least for a semester at one time.



Regulations on Dorm Reception in Residential Halls for InternationalStudents

1, Allvisitors shall provide the reception desk with identification papers as well asdetailed registration.

2, Visitor will access the room with thedweller’s approval asked by the waiters.

3, Articles presenting danger orcontrabands are forbidden for entry.

4, It is the waiters duty to remind thevisitors of the time limit (never after 11:00pm).

5,Visitor’s time of leaving shall be recorded as well as signature of the dwellerunder visit. Reception books shall be properly kept for future examine.

6, Anysuspicious behaviors from the visitors shall be reported by the waiter tosecurity or related persons in charge.






Regulations on Electric Devices in Residential Halls for InternationalStudents

1,High-power household appliances such as electric stove, electric blanket, andelectric heating devices are forbidden in dorms.

2, Theinstallment or dismantlement of electric appliances, the alteration of theircircuitry, or even the change in their locations are not allowed.

3,Frequently rebooting the electric appliances will lead to damages, so will theuntimely power-off.

4,Damaged or malfunctioned appliances shall be reported for maintenance. Consequencesout of repairing appliances by the dwellers will be answered for by thedwellers alone. Establishments and equipments shall be operated properlyaccording to user’s manuals or with the help from waiters. Consequences out offalse operation by the dwellers will be answered for by the user alone.

5, Aquota of 50 kilowatt-hours of electricity will be provided to the dwellers forfree. Any excess will be charged.