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About Cufe

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Established in 1949, Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE), under the leadership of the Ministry of Education, is one of the leading comprehensive universities in China, covering extensive disciplines of law, arts, sciences and engineering, as well as being distinguished in economics and management. It is one of the 100 universities and colleges that Chinese government attaches top priority during the 21st Century.

CUFE offers 17 doctorate programs, 44 master programs, and 42 undergraduate programs. In addition, four special programs are offered: MBA, MPAcc, MPA, and J.M Key majors are in Applied Economics, which includes National Economics, Regional Economics, Finance, Public Finance, Industrial Economics, International Trade, Labor Economics, Statistics, Econometrics, National Defense Economics and Accounting..

Currently there are more than 15,000 students registered at CUFE including 8,000 full-time students. Among these students, about 300 are international students. Among a total of 670 full-time faculty members, 350 are professors and associate professors.

At present CUFE has established and maintained the close relationship with more than 50 universities and academic institutions in 20 countries and regions. Professor Eric Maskin and Joseph E.Stiglize, the Nobel laureate, and Professor Xavier Sala-I-Martin have been invited to be the honorary professors at CUFE. Mr. Robert Zoellick, President of the World Bank, and Professor Lawrence R. Klein, the Nobel Prize Winner, have visited CUFE and given lectures.

CUFE cooperates with Stevens Institute of Technology (USA), Victoria University (Australia), the Finance Academy under the Government of Russian Federation (Russia), and University of Waterloo (Canada) for a long time. CUFE also maintains relationships with Asahi & Co. (Japan), Zurich Financial Services Group (Switzerland), AXA Insurance Group (France), and Metropolitan Insurance Company (US). The Institute of Actuaries (UK), the Chartered Insurance Institute (UK) and the Australian Insurance Institute maintain academic centers at CUFE. Our Insurance majors automatically qualify for membership to the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance (ANZII).

CUFE commits itself to the development of internationalization, and pays much attention to the education of international students. School of International Cultural Exchange (SICE) was established to take charge of publicity, consultation, admission and general affairs of international students. SICE also takes responsibilities for Chinese language teaching, preparatory programs, and short-term programs. International students, including those with Chinese government scholarship, are welcome to apply for all undergraduate, graduate and doctorate programs offered by CUFE. Non-degree programs, including long-term or short-term Chinese language programs and other training programs, are also available.

SICE supplies three kinds of international students’ apartments. Every room is equipped with TV set, refrigerator, air conditioner, internet access and other facilities. Ours is a modern, safe environment with all transport and convenient close at hand.

SICE provides international students with a variety of colorful extracurricular activities such as Chinese calligraphy, Chinese martial arts, Chinese cuisine, Chinese drama, Chinese knotting, etc. Cultural tours to the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven, the Forbidden City, and the Beijing’s Hutongs, etc. can also be arranged.

Furthermore, SICE organizes splendid festivals such as Chinese speech contests or Chinese singing competitions to help international students increase their interest in learning Chinese. The annual New Eve’s Party has become a chance for international students to share their culture with their Chinese classmates through song, dance or other traditional performances.

With the advancement of globalization and the rapid development of Chinese economy, more and more students are coming to CUFE to study finance and economics, as well as to experience Chinese culture. Obviously, CUFE is the first and best place for international students to attain their goal in China due to its convenience in Beijing and its outstanding academic programs and faculty.