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2023 CSC Scholarship-High level Graduate Program

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Application Guide for 2023 CSC Scholarship - High level Graduate Program 


As one of China's key universities under the direct leadership of the Ministry of Education, CUFE enjoys the patronage of both the central and municipal governments, including the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance, and Beijing municipal government. CUFE is selected into the Double First Class Initiative, a national project with the goal of fostering world standards in China's universities. The university is also listed in Project 211. In addition, CUFE is among the first universities to enter Project 985 Innovation Platform, whose objective is to promote scientific research of high-priority areas in the fields' top institutions.

The university's applied economics is rated A+ by the Ministry of Education in the latest round of national academic evaluation and the only university in the field of finance and economics in China rated A+ in applied economics.

CUFE’s Chinese Government Scholarship--University Program, sponsored by the Chinese government, is a full scholarship that provides funding for international students studying full-time in China. The scholarship covers tuition fee, accommodation fee, monthly stipends, and insurance fee. 


   1. Non-Chinese citizens with a bachelor degree or above in good physical and mental health, generally under 35 years old.

   2. The requirements set by the Document No. 12 (2020) of Ministry of Education of the PRC should be met for CUFE graduate applicants as well.


2023 Programs for International Students



Offered in






China   Academy of Public Finance and Public Policy

Public   Finance


Regional   Economics

School of Law

International   Law

School   of Management Science and Engineering



Institute for Finance and Economics Research

Regional   Economics (China’s Economy)


School of Finance


School of International Trade and Economics

International   Business*

School   of Management Science and Engineering

Engineering   and Project Management

School   of Culture and Communication

Journalism   and Communication*





China   Academy of Public Finance and Public Policy

Public   Finance




Institute   for Finance and Economics Research

World   Economy (China’s Economy)

*Professional master’s program

Application Period

Nov. 1, 2022 – Feb. 282023

Application Schedule (Tentative)

February 28  Application closed.

March 3  Document review.

March 6-17 Online interview for shortlisted applicants.

March 20-24 Students to be admitted should upload the pre-admission letters to the CSC system.

March 31 Interview results released and Information of the students to be admitted should be reported to CSC.

April --mid-July Expert review.

Late July – early August  CSC scholarship Final results released. 

Application Procedure

   1. Submit CSC application at, download CSC application form

Please note:  select Type B and CUFE Agency number 10034.

   2. Submit CUFE online application. Click Online Application on the right.

   3. Pay 500 RMB application fee. Please note: Payments are accepted only via the online payment system in the online application system, on which WeChat, AliPay, and foreign credit cards can be used, while wire transfers are NOT accepted. Payment guide

   4. Initial document review.

   5. Academic review - short-listed applicants attend online interview.

   6. The namelist of CSC scholarship candidates should be reported to CSC.

   7. CSC scholarship final results released. 

List of Application Documents

Required Documents:

   1. CUFE Application form (automatically generated in the CUFE online application system). Please note a scanned signature needs to be uploaded, as shown below:

The signature will then be automatically inserted into your application form, as shown below:

   2. A scanned copy of passport.

   3. A scanned copy of bachelor’s diploma or a certificate stating student status and expected graduation date.

   4. A scanned copy of bachelor’s transcripts.

   5. Language proficiency certificate.

     Programs offered in Chinese:

HSK-5 210 or above

     Programs offered in English:

            IELTS,  TOEFL,  TOEIC, or other standardized test results /proof of English proficiency (course certificate, etc)

   6. A personal statement (between 500-800 Chinese characters or English words).

   7. 2 letters of recommendation (The recommender must be an associate professor or a scholar with a corresponding title or above).

   8. A copy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form.

   9. Non-Criminal Record.

  10. CSC application form.

Supplementary Documents:

Award certificates or other supporting documents

Important reminders on application documents 

All application documents must be in Chinese or English. Documents not in Chinese or English must be notarized and translated into Chinese or English. Application documents and application fee will NOT be returned regardless of admission status.

All documents submitted must be true, accurate, and complete. CUFE reserves the right to withdraw offers of admission or expel enrolled students otherwise. 


Applicants who have passed academic document review will be shortlisted for online interview. Interview time will be sent by e-mail. Therefore, the email address left in the application system must be authentic and valid for a long time.


According to the interview results, CUFE should select the best candidates and report to the China Scholarship Council that will organize expert review.

CUFE will officially release csc final results after the expert review.

Review of Documents

After admission results are released, CUFE will conduct another round of document review. If violations are found, the university reserves the right to withdraw the admission decision and cancel the applicant's admission.  



According to the rules and regulations of China’s Ministry of Education, CUFE requires that all international students (including scholarship students) purchase comprehensive group insurance in mainland China. Students should purchase it before entering China.

Scholarship students must register during the time specified in the admission letters. Students who fail to register by the deadline without justifiable reasons will be regarded as giving up the scholarship.

Registration time: early September 2023 (please refer to the admission letters for specific dates). 

Evaluation and Re-evaluation of Admission Qualifications

CUFE will evaluate and re-evaluate students’ admission qualifications upon and after registration. If admission letters, personal information, or other documents are found to be inaccurate during the evaluations or if fraud, malpractice, and other similar circumstances exist, the scholarship student will be disqualified and admission will be cancelled. 

Contact Us

Office of International Admissions


Tel: +8610-62288286

No. 39 South College Road, Haidian, Beijing, China

Filing a Complaint

CUFE International student admissions are open to suggestions and criticism.

To file a complaint, please contact