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FAQs 疫情期间国际学生申请的相关问题解答

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FAQs for CUFE 2020 International Applications during the COVID-19 Outbreak


Will the application deadlines be extended for CUFE 2020 international applicants?





第一轮 4月6日;第二轮 6月26日

Application deadlines are not being extended except for CSC scholarship applicants. Deadlines are listed as follow:

①CSC scholarship: Extended to April 13

②Confucius Institute Scholarship: June 30

③Self-funded applications:

R1 April 6

R2 June 26 



Due to the covid-19 outbreak, I am unable to provide my diploma/pre-graduation certificate/transcripts/recommendation letters/physical examination report, what should I do?


It is strongly suggested that electronic documents be submitted. If not applicable, please upload a statement to the application system. Once you have received the documents, please e-mail them to assoon as possible.



Due to the covid-19 outbreak, my registered HSK test has been cancelled /no HSK tests are available. What should I do if I cannot submit my HSK results by the deadline? Can I submit it later?


Please upload a statement to the application system and submit the test report later when the epidemic situation has been improved. The deadline for final submission is to be determined.



How can I attend the interview?


An online interview will be conducted on wechat for applicants who have passed the document review.



I am applying for a master’s/PhD program, should I obtain an acceptance letter from potential advisors?


CUFE does not encourage applicants to reach out to professors for acceptance letters during application season. An academic review will be conducted by the admissions committee after the deadline. Acceptance letters or other documents not in the application checklist will NOT be included in your application profile.



Can I pay the application fee in person at the university?


Please wire transfer the application fee to the university account by using your bank’s mobile app or going to the counter. Application fee payment guide will be automatically sent to youre-mail address once you have passed the initial review. As an alternative option, please refer to the application guide listed below.


Do I need to mail my application documents to the university address?


Hard copies are not required at this stage of application. However, the documents will be needed once the epidemic situation has been improved if you passed the online interview.




In the event of any discrepancy between the Chinese versionand the English version, the Chinese version shall prevail.